Why You Should Run the St. Paddy Day Half Marathon

Young Woman Walking

Some people love to run. They love feeling the burn in their legs and their heart pounding in their chest. It seems effortless for them as they gallop across a field or cruise along the side of the road. They run early in the day or late into the night. Weather is of no consequence to them, and their time spent running is the best part of their day. They sort things out in their heads and rack up the miles on their fitness devices. Their clothes fit great, they buy new running shoes every 500 miles and don’t worry too much about having dessert. We hate them.

Some people don’t enjoy running at all but still do it. They force themselves to for whatever reason. Maybe their doctor told them to or their spouse encourages them. Maybe they had a health scare, and this is their best medicine. It’s not easy, they don’t want to, but they run anyway and always finish the day feeling good about themselves. Their fitness goal might still be a ways off, but they’re clipping along gradually, making every mile count. Good for them.

I Don't Run 0.0Some people hate to run. (Raises hand). We don’t like that searing sensation in our lungs. We feel the impact of every single step in our knees. Our feet hurt and no running shoe in the world makes it better. The proverbial spare tire around our midsection jiggles when we run, making it even more humiliating as we start to breath like a bull after barely two minutes of jogging. We know we *should* run, we just choose not to. It’s way easier to *not* run at all. Who’s with me?



But we need to run.

Running is good for your heart. Running is a highly effective cardio workout. It also conditions your heart. A strong heart means a lower resting heart rate. Your heart doesn’t have to work so hard when you’re just chilling around the house or sitting at your desk.  Runners have half the chance of dying from heart disease compared to us non-runners.

Running releases endorphins. We’ve all heard about that “Runner’s High”. I guess it really is worth striving for. It makes you feel good and you can actually enjoy your run. And you’ll feel good for quite some time afterwards, so they say. That might make us forget the pain we felt during the run.

We Should Run.

I could list more reasons why running is good for us. But I won’t. Instead, we need to get motivated to run. Because we’re still in January and many of us have made resolutions to get fit or get healthier. So start running. Run for you, run for your spouse, run for your kids. You matter to the people close to you so start taking care of yourself. And, if you’re Active Duty and run fast, you’ll get some extra points on your PFT score.

St. Paddy Virtual Half Marathon

A good way and easy way to get motivated to run is to participate in the St. Paddy Virtual Half Marathon. Now hear me out, this is a good way to get moving this year. The challenge allows you to complete 13.1 miles at your convenience. You can run it all at once or across multiple days. Just keep track of the distance on your smart phone, fitness device or by taking selfies at the finish line. It’s a fairly easy way to accomplish an important goal. And after March 17 you will have completed 13.1 miles (or more for you go-getters) and a goody bag will be on its way to you via snail mail! Just email your proof to the Semper Fit Race Coordinator then keep on going. But you have to register first! We should probably do that now.

Perhaps we’ll move out of the “We hate to run” category. Maybe our clothes will fit better, and we won’t have to pass on dessert every darn time. We’ll possibly even get to experience that “runner’s high”. We’ll never know unless we try.

I’ll see you at the finish line on March 17.