What is MCCS?

Marine Corps Community Services

Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) is a collection of business designed to enhance the quality of life of Marines, Sailors and their families. These programs, formerly known as Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) also include services for Retirees and Veterans. These services are available at all Marine Corps bases worldwide.

There are four main programs that are further divided by service type. These programs are: Marine & Family Programs, Fitness and Recreation, Shopping and Services and Food and Hospitality.

Marine & Family Programs

Marine & Family Programs are focused on mental health, education, childcare and family readiness and resiliency.

Behavioral Health includes mental health programs and counseling, substance abuse prevention and awareness, sexual assault prevention and response, family advocacy and community counseling services.

Personal & Professional Development offers education assistance and guidance, career and professional learning opportunities, finance guidance, college prep and application guidance, scholarship assistance, relocation information and library services.

Family Care provides childcare via the child development centers and before and after school care, a program dedicated to assist families with children with special needs and an officer to liaise between Service Members and their children’s schools.

Fitness and Recreation

Fitness Programs include operating the gyms and other fitness centers, personal training and fitness programs, healthy lifestyle information, organized league sports for adults and youth sports for children, swim lessons and lifeguard training, and races including 1-mile, 5k and 10k runs, half marathons, sprint triathlons and more.

Recreation services managed by MCCS include golf, marinas and RV Park, swimming pools, a facility for DIY auto enthusiasts and other outdoor recreational areas.

Shopping and Services

Shopping facilities include the Main Exchange (MCX), package store and convenience marts, safety store, military clothing store, 24 hour gas pumps, tickets and travel and third-party services including barber shops, dry cleaners, wireless services, video rental and custom engraving.

Food and Hospitality

Food and Hospitality services include dining, bars and lodging facilities. Restaurants, food trucks, fast food and quick and healthy meal options are available throughout the installation. Lodging for Service Members, Retirees, Veterans and their guests are available and include venues for weddings, parties and other events.

These programs are managed through local installations with guidance from MCCS Headquarters located in Quantico. These programs are made available through Non-Appropriated Funds. These funds are derived from the sale of goods and services on each installation. In essence, the money spent on a Marine Corps base is used to support the quality of life programs and services offered by MCCS.

MCCS Civilian Careers

MCCS continues to evolve and fine-tune its programs based on the needs of its community. Therefore, a variety of personnel with diverse skills, education and backgrounds are needed at MCCS. Every member of the MCCS workforce receives free training in customer service, safety, on-the-job training and in some cases, certification opportunities. MCCS civilian careers offer benefits, flexibility and career growth opportunities.

Whether you’re active duty, retired, a family member or work on a Marine Corps base, you most likely use and benefit from everything offered through MCCS. The men and women who make up the MCCS workforce are honored to support their local community and are committed to the MCCS mission and vision.