Strong Communities Strengthen Families

It’s time to turn our attention towards National Child Abuse Prevention Month. April was first designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, and in the past 35 years this month has been a time to recognize that child abuse and neglect is a problem seen in every community in every state in our country.

It is also a time to recognize that child abuse and neglect can be prevented. This year’s theme is: Strong Communities Strengthen Families

Our key message for 2018 is for everyone to:

* Be Informed –Stay a step ahead, build your parenting skills

* Be attentive –Consistent care and supervision help kids thrive

* Be supportive –Caring words and small actions make a big difference

Thank you for joining with us in our effort to Prevent Child Abuse. To talk with a counselor or to make a report call Family Advocacy Program at 466-3264 or the 24/7 Victim Advocacy at 671-0377, Craven County DSS at 636-4948, Carteret County DSS at 728-3181 or the Military Police at 466-3615.