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HITT (Active Duty and Active Reservist Only)

The tactical strength and conditioning program encompasses 4-week training blocks within the calendar year to prepare Marines for PFT/CFT seasons. Each Marine will be given a tracking sheet for these block periods to ensure progress has been made in our HITT program.

These training blocks contain the foundational movement patterns (hinge, push, pull, squat, lunge, rotate, plank, carry, run) which make our Marines succeed in their physical capabilities, but also job specific tasks. A recovery week is provided after the 4-week blocks to ensure proper rest is taken before the next block occurs.

The HITT coaches also provide physical testing measures during the calendar year to ensure that our Marines would need to focus on certain tasks such as change of direction, speed, 3-mile run, or strength.


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UNIT HITT – As a unit leader small or large, you can get your Marines involved by contacting the HITT program coordinator and scheduling a time for your unit to train. All HITT sessions are coordinated and led by highly qualified strength coaches, allowing unit leaders and commanders to be confident their Marines are receiving superior training.

HITT SESSIONS – If you are an active duty or reserve service member and your current unit is not participating in the program, you are welcome to participate in one of our open HITT sessions. Open HITT sessions will allow Marines the opportunity to train with a group of motivated HITT enthusiasts. All open HITT sessions will be led by our highly qualified strength coaches.

OPEN GYM – If you are unable to attend a unit or open HITT session, you are welcome to train during our open gym hours. During open gym hours the HITT workout of the day will be posted for you to execute. Our highly qualified strength coaches will be on site to help guide you through the workout.

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HITT Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the HITT center only open to military personnel?

A: The HITT program and facility is designed as a military training facility with a specific mission of increasing overall fitness levels that directly transfer to combat. Please refer to MARADMIN 601/12 as a source document.

Q: I am not a Marine but am stationed on MCAS with another branch of service. Will I be able to participate in the program?

A: Yes, the program is available to all active duty and reserve service members.

Q: Can I train on my own outside of open gym hours?

A: Due to the nature of the HITT mission, individual training during scheduled HITT sessions is not authorized.

Q: I have very little experience with Kettlebells, Olympic lifts, TRX and some of the other forms of training used in the HITT program. Will your staff offer training for individuals like myself?

A: Absolutely, the HITT staff is here to help! We will be offering clinics and classes on the various modes of training used within the HITT program.

Q: Can I check out gear from the HITT center to train my Marines?

A: Due to limited gear and serviceability issues, gear from the HITT center will only be available to use within the facility during open gym hours.

Q: Do I have to do HITT workouts during open gym hours?

A: No, however the HITT mission will always take priority over other PT programs. Once the HITT mission is met, additional equipment and resources can be used for individual PT.