Health Promotion & Education


Help keep yourself and those around you healthy this season. Click the here for some helpful tips.

You’re tough but understanding the science behind your lifestyle will make you even tougher. Changing your diet can increase your physical performance, reduce stress, and prevent serious problems down the road. We’ll educate you on how to live a healthy lifestyle and find a balance between diet, exercise and living.

Common Prevention Programs:

Classes are not limited to the below topics, any health subject matter will be considered. Please look for special classes and programs that are offered in conjunction with our Monthly Health Observance. Commissary Tour, Train the Trainer, Barracks Cooking Classes are offered throughout the year and may also be requested.

Nutrition Education

Maintaining a proper diet is about way more than simply counting calories. This class teaches you about the nutrients your body requires and the different ways to get them. Understanding this is essential to maintaining a high energy level, staying healthy, and feeling good.

Injury Prevention

Most injuries can be prevented by proper technique and informed awareness. Did you stretch the right muscles before you ran 10 miles? Are you lifting weights with the proper form? Don’t hurt yourself doing what you love, learn how to do it well through the information provided in this class.

Physical Fitness

Determine your body composition, blood pressure, aerobic capacity, flexibility, and strength.

Sexual Health & Responsibility

Learn about proper contraception use, STD risks and testing, pregnancy testing and services, and more in this class.

Weight Management

We’ll teach you all of the different ways to manage your weight in a healthy manner so that you can avoid all of the negative health conditions that come with being overweight. You can take what you learn in this class and help your friends and family members do the same.

Human Performance Resources by CHAMP (HPRC) has released “Get into Fighting Weight: A Total Force Fitness Guide.” This guide will help providers and Military Service Members take an integrative approach to weight loss that is safe and sustainable. Designed with Military Service Members in mind, this guide will help them set their own goals to meet their service’s readiness standards. It is structured to prepare them to take on various challenges to improve aspects of health and performance that can impact their weight.

Highlights include:
– How to create a 7-day meal plan
– Sleep tracker to see which habits help and which ones harm sleep.
– How to set realistic goals to achieve your fighting weight
– Relaxation strategies to help manage your stress and your weight

Chronic Disease Prevention (Mental Health, Hypertension, Diabetes, and more)

Many chronic diseases can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Learn about common chronic diseases and ways to avoid them in this class.

Tobacco Cessation

Nicotine is a very addictive substance and we’re here to help you beat it. There are effective ways to quit and this class will help you be successful.

Authorized Patrons:

  • Active Duty
  • Retired
  • Reserve Military Personnel
  • Family Members
  • DoD Employees
  • MCCS Employees

Resources & Hotlines

This program provides awareness and education to all members of the military community that encourages people to increase control over and to improve their full health potential.  Health Promotion supports the achievement and sustainment of a fit and mission ready force and healthy populations, at home and abroad, in peacetime and in conflict. Each of these programs aligns with the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2020 and the DOD’s Operation Live Well and the Healthy Base Initiatives.