AMP-IT Fitness Program (Active Duty Only)

Marines “HITT” THE Water with AMP-IT!

AMP-IT (Aquatic Maximum Power Intensity Training) is the water version of the Marine Corps HITT (High Intensity Tactical Training) program. It’s not just another water aerobics class. Because of the constant motion and resistance, AMP-IT provides a strenuous workout.

The AMP-IT workout encompasses a variety of high intensity activities designed to:

  • Increase strength, cardiovascular endurance and lung capacity, helping to improve PFT scores.
  • Reduce the risk of injury, facilitate recovery and decrease recovery time.
  • Be as challenging as on-land PT.

AMP-IT reduces stress on joints and bones making it accessible to injured Marines and Marines on light or limited duty in addition to Marines who wish to continue to train with their unit.


Units: Please call 252-466-2510 to reserve.

AMP-IT Class

AMP-IT Background

Aquatics Maximum Power Intense Training (AMP-IT) is a water-based program designed for unit physical training. The amphibious partner of High Intensity Tactical Training, it is a program designed to challenge all participants. It is flexible and adaptable for those on light or limited duty, or those who have musculoskeletal injuries.

This unit-lead or group exercise program is designed to be as challenging as on-land PT, with the added bonus of being more accessible to all, including those Marines who have sustained injuries. It’s easier on joints and bones, but just as challenging and beneficial as the most intense on-land workout. Exercising in the water helps to increase strength and lung capacity, which in turn can significantly improve endurance during on-land PT, improving PFT scores.

The program puts all participants on the same level, unlike unit PT runs where the fastest Marines aren’t challenged and the slowest are unable to keep up. With AMP-IT, Marines can work at their own pace while still reaping the benefits. Another great advantage compared to on-land unit PT is the reduced stress on muscles and joints. Aquatic exercise not only reduces the risk of injury, but also facilitates recovery and decreases recovery time.

Become an AMP-IT Instructor

To get this training directly to the troops, specially trained Semper Fit Instructor Trainers will teach Marines how to incorporate AMP-IT into their unit PT through an AMP-IT Instructor Course. During this training, they will learn how to facilitate this aquatics workout into combat-specific strength training and conditioning curriculum for their units.

Semper Fit instructors will teach through a 12 hour Instructor’s Course class. During this training, instructors will learn how to facilitate this aquatics workout into combat-specific strength training and conditioning curriculum for their units. This is a free course to any active duty Marine who meets the criteria below.

  • 1st class PFT
  • No BCP assignment
  • No limited duty within the last 60 days
  • Attend a minimum of three classes before the instructor’s course.

Call the Aquatics office to register! 252-466-2510