Semper Fit Health Promotion Helps You Find a Healthier You

The New Year is here and once again you’ve probably made the same resolution as you did last year, to lose weight and exercise. Seems simple, but you never carry out the resolution to the end. To the end? What is the end? Maybe that question is the reason we give up and put it off until later and later never comes. It’s not only about weight and exercise it’s about lifestyle change, changing and eliminating the negative influences and habits and incorporating a healthier lifestyle for life. Set your mind to changing what you use to know and get excited for the new life and the new you.  

Semper Fit Health Promotion can help you in your planning for a new and healthier you. We offer health screenings at a low or no cost. We offer support for our active duty needing help in getting back on the right track, offered as one-on-one consultation or as a group.  We offer education and prevention on topics such as nutrition, weight management, physical fitness, tobacco, injury prevention, men’s, women’s and child health and more.

Here are some other offering by Semper Fit Health Promotion to help in keeping you and your family active and healthy.

Body Composition program support

Health Screenings by appointment (group or individual)

Descriptions of Health Screenings available

Description of our core areas

Worksite wellness 

Wellness coaching

Please visit us in the Marine Dome, call us 466-6467, or email us.  We are happy to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.