Devil Dog Dare - Operation Adrenaline Rush

Operation Adrenaline Rush – Devil Dog Dare

What is Operation Adrenaline Rush?

Operation Adrenaline Rush (OAR) is a RESILIENCY training tool designed to introduce Marines to activities that serve as alternatives to uncharacteristic behaviors often associated with accidents involving recently deployed Marines. This tool presents coping outlets to help Marines realize their own new level of normal and “move on” with their lives. OAR can also have secondary affects including: increased Unit Cohesion, Esprit de Corps, morale, teamwork and communication.

Who is it for?

  • All Marine units. Priority is given to units returning from deployment.
  • Executed at the platoon/squadron level
  • Facilitated by trained unit leaders
  • Coordinated by MCCS Semper Fit Outdoor Recreation and Combat Operational Stress Control (COSC) trainers

Pre-Event Training for Unit Leaders (1-2 hours)

  • Reinforces leader commitment
  • Reiterates COSC principles
  • Explains concept of OAR

Pre-Event Training for Marines (1 hour)

  • Introduces COSC principles
  • Illustrates concept of OAR

Leader Led Post-Event Review

  • Facilitates healthy discussion about the results of the activity.
  • Connects challenges and adventure activity and Marine resilience
  • Addresses combat and operational stress during the rigors of day-to-day military life.

OAR programs are conducted in company/squadron level groups (approximately 30-40 personnel) within the first 120 days after return to home station. Any unit is eligible however returning units receive priority when making reservations. If a company/squadron has less than 15 Marines, we will attempt to combine with another group to maximize resources.

Each company is allowed one OAR program per deployment cycle. Each company must have one Corpsman on each trip. Due to the focus on unit cohesion, morale and Esprit de Corps, units must complete the same OAR activity as a group. Jeans are permitted but not recommended. Athletic or cargo pants are recommended. No shorts are permitted during challenge days due to rope burns.

In most cases, transportation will be provided by Outdoor Adventures. Food must be provided by the unit. If done through the D-DAF, 30 days’ notice is required.

Our current program includes a zip line challenge course, trail cycling, paint ball, a zip line canopy tour and a 65 foot free fall tower drop.

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