Single Marine Program

Visit our Single Marine Website to learn about trips, events, and volunteering opportunities.  Click to download the current SMP Calendar.

LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST The primary mission and focus of the Single Marine Program are to enhance the Quality of Life (QOL) and improve the morale and well-being of all single and unaccompanied Service Members stationed aboard MCAS Cherry Point. This is YOUR program, so if there is something you would like added, please let us know!

Quality of Life

What are your QOL concerns? We’ll make sure they’re heard. Whether we’re developing initiatives or organizing special events and recreational activities, your thoughts and opinions affect the outcomes.


Click here to see all of our current events and trips

Enjoy destination trips (including Bahamas, Snowboarding, Myrtle Beach, DC, and Savannah), fishing trips, day trips, sporting events, concerts, beach trips, amusement parks, parties, tournaments, and tons of other fun activities! Check out all of the cool stuff we also have going on at the Roadhouse Recreation Center.

Community Involvement

We support getting involved with the community on and off base, and we provide hundreds of opportunities for you to do just that. The experience is a reward in itself, but you will also receive a Letter of Appreciation for your assistance (which helps with fit reps, promotion boards, and evals). You can also qualify for other special awards including the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal or the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Ongoing Events

Roadhouse Recreation Center

Stop by the Roadhouse Recreation Center and enjoy tons of activities including pool, poker, ping pong, gaming (Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo), darts, air hockey, movie room (with reclined, stadium seating and hundreds of movies), huge TV’s showing major sporting events, foosball, beach volleyball, basketball, retro gaming system, laptop check out, board games, and much more! All recreation activities are free to use and open to all! While you’re here, you can also enjoy delicious food and drinks from the Roadhouse Restaurant and Bar. Check out parties, special events, tournaments, Bible discussion group, Canvas and Cork, and more at or call 252-466-3027 for more info!

Karaoke Nights

Join us Friday nights at 1900 for Karaoke Nights! Pick from thousands of songs and enjoy the music, bar specials, and food specials!   Open to all authorized patrons. Please see for more info.

Monthly Council Meeting

Join us monthly for the SMP council meeting, held at the Two Rivers Theater at 1400.  Please see the current month’s calendar for the SMP Council Meeting date.


Participate in, watch, or volunteer with the Autocross! Enjoy tons of cool cars in this high adrenaline, fun, and timed safety course on Foxtrot Taxiway! Certified instructors teach you how to maneuver your vehicle in fast-paced driving situations that occur. Open to all, including properly vetted civilians off the base. Kids Kart course also available for kids 5 and older!   Please see  or call 252-466-3027 for more info!

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to see all of our current volunteer opportunities

Cherry Point SMP offers hundreds of volunteer opportunities each year which cover just about every aspect of our community including animal shelters, home builds, Special Olympics, beach clean-ups, gardening, schools, community projects/events, Veterans opportunities, playground builds, Dragon Boat racing, Autocross, virtual opportunities, and so much more!   You make such a huge difference in our community and we appreciate all that you do!

LOA’s are typically provided within 5 business days, and these opportunities are open to all active duty, dependents, DoD, and their guests.

Transportation for active duty, with the priority given to single or unaccompanied Service Members. You are also welcome to POV. Please visit our website or contact the SMP Front Desk at 252-466-3027 for more info or if you have any suggestions on new opportunities!

Animal Shelter

Make a difference in our four-legged friends’ lives by walking and playing with the dogs and/or cats, cleaning kennels/equipment, answering questions for potential adopters, and assisting with special projects at the facility. Meet at the Roadhouse every Saturday at 0700; we will return at approximately 1230. Please wear weather-appropriate civilian attire and sturdy shoes. Bottled water will be provided. Call 252-466-3027 for more info or visit to register.

Habitat for Humanity

Help build a home and learn (or perfect) a new skill set! Meet at the Roadhouse at 0715; we will return at approximately 1230. Please wear weather-appropriate civilian attire and sturdy shoes. Bottled water will be provided. Call 252-466-3027 for more info or visit to register.

SMP Beach, River, and Forest Cleanups and Special Projects

Participate in a variety of beach, river, and forest special projects to include Fort Macon State Park, the Rachel Carson Reserve with wild ponies, Croatan National Forest, and Neuse Riverkeepers! Projects include beach clean-ups, special construction projects (like footbridges, trails, picnic tables), painting, and much more! These have a huge impact on our local environment and wildlife! Please wear long pants, sturdy shoes, and layered clothing. Call 252-466-3027 for more info or to register.

SMP Veteran Related Projects

SMP offers a ton of Veteran related projects. You can enjoy an afternoon visit with Veterans in our local skilled nursing facilities, participate in local events such as Senior Valentine’s Ball, volunteer virtually by shooting a short video or pic, or volunteer with Veteran Organic Garden (where fresh fruits and veggies are grown for our local homeless, disadvantaged Veterans). Check out for more info.