Transition Readiness

Transition Readiness Program

The Transition Readiness Program (TRP) is designed to ease the burden of transitioning Service members and their families by providing classes and resources that will assist with their employment, college, vocational, and entrepreneurial needs. These interactive classes will reduce the stress related to transition by increasing Service members’ knowledge, marketability, and confidence as they prepare for the civil sector. 

Personal Readiness Seminar

The Personal Readiness Seminar (PRS) is a part of the Marine for Life Cycle (M4LC). No later than 90 days upon check in to their First Permanent Duty Station, all active duty Marines (Enlisted and Officers) shall attend PRS training. This seminar provides information and resources relating to finance, career exploration, education, and employment throughout a Marine’s career. To enroll, contact your Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC) or call 252-466-4201. | 2022 Personal Readiness Seminar schedule

Transition Readiness Seminar

The Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS), aka TAP, is a 5-day mandatory seminar designed to ease the burden of transition by equipping Service members and their families with tools and resources that are vital for a successful transition. Effective 1 October 2019, the 365 Initial Counseling (IC) was incorporated into the transitional process. The 365 IC is a one-on-one counseling session with the Transitional Staff to determine and plot the best course to meet the needs of each transitioning Service members. The purpose of the TRS is to ensure Marines are prepared for their transition from military to civilian life by providing them and their families the tools and resources to pursue Department of Defense (DoD) directed Career Readiness Standards (CRS). | 2022 Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) & Pre-retirement Schedule

The third major component, Career Services, advising and post-transitional goals to include resume assistance, Education Track, Vocational Track, Employment Track, and Boots to Business.  If you are interested in attending a 2-day track, please call 252-466-4201 to register.

Steps required steps for attending TRS or Pre-Retirement seminar:

Step 1: Whether Officer or Enlisted, retiring or separating, contact the Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC) within your respective unit and get a pre-work checklist.

Step 2: Complete all pre-work and then schedule 365 Initial Counseling (IC) by calling 252-466-4201.

Step 3: Bring all pre-work to your 365 IC and after completion of 365 (IC), P&PD staff will schedule you for the Pre-separation Counseling Brief. 

Step 4:  After completion of the Pre-separation Counseling brief, please return to your respective UTC to be scheduled for TRS/Pre-retirement.

Step 5: Showtime for TRS and Pre-Retirement on Monday is 0715 in Camouflage Utilities.

Step 6:  Schedule Capstone Review no later than 180 days from your EAS.

TRS/Pre-Retirement Required Materials: