Personal Finance

Personal Financial Counselor

Life comes with many unique financial events, and we’re here to help you how to prepare for them. From buying a car and managing credit to preparing for marriage and surviving the holidays, our training and workshops teach you how to prepare for it all.

Services Offered:

  • Command Financial Specialist Training is offered quarterly
  • Computerized Financial Programs
  • Consumer Affairs Literature
  • Educational Workshops
  • Group Briefings
  • Individual/Family Financial Counseling
  • Individual Squadron Financial Management Training Program
  • Pre-marriage Financial Spending Plan
  • Pre-separation Financial Planning
  • New Blended Retirement Program Information and Resources

Workshops & Seminars

Command Financial Specialist Training

This 5-day course is designed to train SNCO’s and Company Grade Officers on how to develop a Personal Financial Management training program at the unit level. Topics covered include but are not limited to budgeting, debt reduction, credit management, consumer awareness, saving and investing, and more. Participants will receive financial software designed to assist them with unit training and individual counseling needs.

Basic Budgeting Workshop

Provides individuals the know-how to develop a personal budget, to reach identified short & long-range goals, a system to pay bills on time & evaluate the personal budget to spend less & save/invest more.

Money Habitudes Workshop

Money Habitudes is a fun and eye-opening workshop designed to help you to engage in productive conversations about money and understand your habits and attitudes that influence spending behaviors and financial decisions.

Car Buying

A workshop designed to help the participants gain knowledge to help them determine their vehicle needs, identify costs involved in vehicle ownership, get a fair deal by discussing negotiating techniques & avoid fraudulent advertising and determine how much vehicle they can afford.

Debt Reduction/Credit Management

Headed for trouble with your charge cards? For a lot of people, credit is both misunderstood & misused. One out of every ten families can only afford to make the minimum monthly payment – which is usually a mere 3% of their current balance. Learn how to take control of debt.

Basic Saving and Investing Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to savings and investing. This program also explains the difference between saving & investing, the “Stock Market” & its risks, different kinds of investments & investment concepts.

Budgeting for the Holidays

This workshop is designed to help service members and family members plan for increased holiday expenses and develop strategies to avoid overspending and accumulating excessive debt. Even if you do not celebrate the holidays you can benefit from this class; the money management tips apply year-round as well as for special occasions which can cause additional spending.

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