MCAS Cherry Point Volunteer Coordinator:
Jocelyn Jakubowski
Located in Marine & Family Programs, bldg. 232, corner of E Street & 4th Ave

Volunteerism is aligned with Marine Corps Leadership goals by supporting Marines, Sailors, and their families through impact volunteer opportunities that allow them to grow personally and professionally. The success of many programs aboard MCAS Cherry Point rely heavily on volunteers.

Who can volunteer?

Volunteerism is governed by MCO 5380.2. This applies to those individuals who provide their volunteer services to a Marine Corps entity or have their hours tracked & recognized by the Marine Corps and/or MCCS.
Per MCO 5380.2, a volunteer:

  • Must be 13 years of age or older
  • Minors (unless an active duty military member) must have parental permission to volunteer
  • Must willingly offer, be accepted, and provide voluntary services
  • Must be in an off-duty status if active duty or a civilian employee
  • Cannot count any fundraising activity as volunteerism

How do I get involved and track my hours?

Step 1.) Join the Volunteer family. Please complete and submit the following form if interested in volunteer opportunities. You will receive a list of on and off-installation volunteer opportunities as well as additional information on getting started.

Volunteer Interest Form

Step 2.) Kickstart your journey! Register for one of our free Passport to Volunteering classes. This will provide you vital information on starting your volunteer journey, the benefits provided to you and your community, how to track your time, and more.
Check the calendar to register for an upcoming class.

Step 3.) Submit your hours to the Volunteer Coordinator. Please complete the following form and send to OMBCherryPOintVolunteers@usmc-mccs.org or bring it to Jocelyn Jakubowski in the Marine & Family Programs bldg., bldg. 232, on the corner of E Street and 4th Ave.

Volunteer Hours Submittal form