Lifestyle, Insights, Networking, Knowledge, and Skills (LINKS) is a volunteer-based, team-mentoring program, designed to teach participants about navigating the unique challenges of life in the military. The curriculum assists Service members and their families in understanding the benefits, resources, and services that are available to them. While this program is especially helpful to those who are new to the military, it’s beneficial to everyone in the community.

What does LINKS stand for?

  • Lifestyle means understanding the military community and the unique lifestyle it offers.
  • Insights come from experienced Marine Corps volunteers who relate their tips and tricks to navigating through the USMC lifestyle.
  • Networking with the other participants in your LINKS session.
  • Knowledge is what you will leave with and what will help you understand and navigate the Marine Corps culture.
  • Skills to help you enjoy and thrive in the Marine Corps community.

More About LINKS

LINKS provides a positive environment for Marines and their families to learn to manage the demands of the Marine Corps lifestyle, and to work together as a team in balancing family needs while meeting Marine Corps expectations. Get oriented with LINKS.

All Marines, spouses, children, teens, and parents of Marines are eligible to participate in LINKS. All branches of the military (USCG, USN, USAF, U.S. Army, and their family members)  as well as civilians stationed on or near Cherry Point are eligible to attend LINKS and all other MCFTB programs. Download our L.I.N.K.S Handbook (pdf).

Available Classes

252-466-4637 to Register

LINKS for Spouses/Significant Others: This workshop is a great way to welcome new spouses to the Marine Corps Family. It is a day of fun, learning, networking, insight, tips, vital information and ideas designed to successfully meet the challenges encountered by military spouses.

LINKS for Marines: Marines will have the chance to discover the resources, services, and benefits available on base. They will also gain insight on separation and deployments and learn valuable financial and moving tips.

LINKS for Couples: Learning everything there is to know about Marine Corps Lifestyle will be one mission that now takes 2! LINKS offers couples the chance to navigate the military lifestyle together.  This workshop will empower you both in areas of the Marine Corps, base resources, deployments, networking and knowledge you can use to carry you through your’re Marine Corps career and beyond!

LINKS for Kids, Tweens/Teens:Kids (ages 5-10), Tweens (ages 11-12) and Teens (ages13-17) will explore hot topics, make new friends, and find out what makes them awesome Marine Corps Kids. They will gain an understanding of Marine Corps history, traditions, and base resources.

LINKS for Parents/Extended Family Members: This interactive workshop welcomes parents and extended family members of Marines to the military lifestyle. Parents will be provided with an in-depth understanding of the culture and resources available to support those that serve.

Get Involved: Volunteer

  • Want to become an expert at navigating the Marine Corps lifestyle?
  • Are you a highly motivated Marine, spouse, or family member?
  • Want to become involved in your community?
  • Enjoy helping others?

Volunteer with LINKS

Build your resume, meet new people, and make a difference in your community. L.I.N.K.S. offers gas mileage and childcare reimbursement during volunteer hours. Join our dynamic group of volunteers today, and become a part of a positive force for mission readiness!

LINKS Needs You!

LINKS could not be successful without the dedication and support of many volunteers. We have several volunteer options available:

  • Host/Greet at Sessions
  • Food Angel – Help to Feed our Participants
  • Administrative Support
  • Present L.I.N.K.S. Session Topics
  • Information Booth Support
  • Event Support

Volunteer Training

Training is provided to our volunteers through a variety of workshops and classes, including:

LINKS Mentor Training: A three-day workshop that provides future Mentors the information to present certain sections of the LINKS class. LINKS is a volunteer based program that offers spouses the chance to share their experiences with other participants living within the military lifestyle. Mentors are offered the opportunity to meet monthly to learn about updates on programs and develop their skills!

If you are interested in becoming part of the Cherry Point LINKS team, call us or stop by our office for more information.

Volunteer Inquiry (PDF)