We offer a variety of workshops to help Service members and their families enhance their interpersonal and basic technical skills to get more out of life. LifeSkills focuses heavily on educating around personality types, improving communication skills (especially during deployments), and building successful relationships. We’ll teach you how to change a tire or jump-start a vehicle, too.

LifeSkills Courses

Bridging the Gap: Communication for Deployments

A workshop designed for couples or individuals who want to learn ways to communicate effectively and maintain an intimate connection with their partner during a deployment.

Family Care Plans

Learn who needs a family care plan, what should be included in an effective family care plan and how to construct one.

Five Love Languages

This workshop is based on the #1 New York Times bestseller written by Dr. Gary Chapman’s: The Five Love Languages. What if you could say or do just the right thing guaranteed to make that special someone feel loved? The secret is learning the right love language! Millions of couples have learned the simple way to express their feelings and bring joy back into marriage. Individuals and couples are encouraged to attend.

4 Lenses

This interactive workshop focuses on personality, values, communication, conflict styles, and strategies for building terrific relationships. Discover the personality type of yourself and others. Learn how to communicate more effectively and approach conflict more productively based on the preferences of others. Classes can be customized for: Individuals, Couples, Children and Small Unit Leadership.

Basic and Emergency Auto Maintenance

Does basic car maintenance confuse you? Are you intimidated by the thought of lifting your car’s hood? Do you know what to do in case of an auto emergency, such as a flat tire or dead battery? Join us for a fun, hands-on workshop geared towards helping you understand your vehicle’s basic maintenance needs and learn tips for dealing with an auto emergency.
Basic Maintenance:

  • Checking fluids, tires, lighting system, battery, wiper blades, hoses and belts
  • Importance of changing oil, oil filters, air filters, and fuel filters
  • Importance of changing brakes and fluids
  • Weatherizing your vehicle
  • Caring for vehicles during a deployment

Emergency Maintenance

  • Changing a tire
  • How to jump start a car
  • What to do if your car starts to smoke
  • Emergency kits everyone should have in their car!

Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO)

Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO) is a Chief of Navy Chaplains sponsored relationship enrichment program aimed at helping improve job performance and enhancing overall quality of life for active-duty service members and their families. CREDO provides a FREE weekend away within a positive, safe, and supportive environment. CREDO’s goal is to help enrich and strengthen individual’s resiliency skills.

Schedule of events and a description of the available retreats.
Information on the Cherry Point Chapel.

8 Hours to a Great Marriage – Using the PREP Approach

This workshop is a joint effort between the Wing Chaplain’s Office and Marine Corps Family Team Building Office for couples that want to make their relationship the best it can be. It will challenge you to think about things you’ve never thought about before and help you to see yourself, your significant other, and your relationship in a new light. Some of the topics include: effective communication, problem solving, forgiveness, and coping with miscommunication.

Childcare is reimbursable and can be arranged through our local Child Development Center by calling 252-466-3105, space is limited. If care is not available through the local CDC, we will reimburse $4.00 per hour per child.  Please call Marie Corps Family Team Building at 252-466-4637 to register!

Stress Management for Spouses

A workshop geared specifically toward spouses of deployed service members. This workshop will cover specific stressors faced during a deployment, typical stress reactions of spouses, and mechanisms for coping effectively with stress. Stress management tips and techniques will be provided.

Together For Life

The Together for Life Workshop is a mandatory class for all active duty personnel under 26 who are assigned to MCAS Cherry Point and tenant commands that plan to get married. The workshop may be completed up to 90 days prior to marriage, but no later than 90 days after. Spouses, who are civilians, are strongly encouraged to attend. This one day seminar offered locally at Cherry Point, is a joint effort between the Chaplains Office and Marine Corps Family Team Building.  Some of the topics include: financial matters, communication, family roles and expectations, family readiness, sexuality and intimacy. Advanced Registration is required.

Workshop schedule and information on how to register, or call the Base Chaplains Office at (252) 466-4000.