Deployment Readiness

The Readiness and Deployment Support Program (RDSP) offers workshops and events to assist with all phases of deployment adjustments.

Ready for Anything

This pre-deployment workshop provides important information and resources in an interactive environment to prepare Marines and families for all of the unique challenges that come with being a military family. A constant state of readiness and knowledge of assistance programs can help families prepare before deployments or emergencies. This is an excellant class for newlyweds and those on first deployments.

Pre-Deployment Brief

This brief is held per unit request 30 to 45 days prior to a service members deployment.  For Individual Augments (IA) or short notice deployments, please call us for a personalized appointment.

Return and Reunion Workshop

These are held by unit request. We recommend family members attend 30 and 45 days prior to their service member’s return from deployment. This workshop focuses on reintegration, communication and expectations for individuals and as a couple.

Kids and Reunion Workshop

Held concurrently with Return and Reunion Workshops for Spouses, staff work with children ages 5 and up to help them prepare for their service member’s homecoming in a fun and interactive setting.