Marine & Family Programs

Marine & Family Programs at MCAS Cherry Point strives to provide our Marines, Sailors and Families a comprehensive body of programs and services that are designed to enhance the quality of life, education, resilience, behavioral health and overall family readiness. You will find that we have a service, program, or resource to meet the needs of our diverse community. Marine & Family Programs is divided into five branches: Family Care, Behavioral Health, Semper Fit, Personal and Professional Development and Marine Corps Family Team Building. Each branch offers a world of opportunities that contribute to mission readiness, by supporting individual and family readiness.


Behavioral Health

Things happen in life and we can all use some help from time to time. We’re here to assist individuals, couples and families with issues that range from basic parenting to sexual assault.
Please call 252-466-3264 to reach the Behavioral Health Branch Head.


Personal & Professional Development

Our mission is to enrich the quality of the entire community by providing you with a broad range of high-quality personal and professional learning opportunities for your military career and beyond.


Self-paced digital courses allowing you to access a variety of training opportunities from financial literacy to program overviews.


Family Care

Your family matters to us. We provide care for youth and support for the unique educational and developmental needs of each family on base.


Family Team Building

If you’re new to Cherry Point, MCFTB is here to help you get situated. We provide military lifestyle information, education and support for service members and their families.

FOCUS Project

FOCUS Project

FOCUS is a prevention service designed to strengthen couples and families in readiness for tomorrow. FOCUS provides personalized training for each family and its individual goals. The program teaches practical skills to help families and couples feel prepared to meet the challenges of military life such as stress, injury and other transitions. FOCUS is available in several formats: family consultations, couple- or family-level training, small group training and workshops. FOCUS builds strong connections with other military family providers to support a network of care for service members, their partners and families. FOCUS training is confidential, free and offers services at family friendly hours. FOCUS sessions allow families and couples to build their own story about military life experiences.