Kuder Journey

DANTES funds the Kuder Journey, which offers tailored career guidance to our military Service members. Effective career exploration and planning starts with finding out what an individual likes to do or interests, what he/she is confident in doing or skills, and what’s important to that individual in the workplace or work values. While the assessments don’t define a person or what their career should be, they’re extremely valuable in helping narrow the search and considering options which may not have been previously considered.

Kuder Journey is provided free to active duty, Guard, and Reserve Service members only. Whether at the beginning, middle, or transition stage of their military career, Service members can access this free, lifetime resource anywhere there is an Internet connection, 24/7/365. One of the best features about Journey is the account never expires, as long as registered while active duty. This one-stop-shop allows the user to build their account based on immediate needs then update once needs have been met or possibly changed due to the user’s individual situation.

Retirees, family members, and civilians can purchase a lifetime user code for $35 by contacting Kuder Customer Support at support@kuder.com or 877-999-6227.

Kuder Journey helps our Service members make informed decisions about their future, Journey guides them through an easy step-by-step process which provides a reliable and effective career/college planning and development experience. The flexible process allows users to complete the five steps in any order to meet their immediate needs. There are five steps to Journey: 1. Assessments, 2. Occupations, 3. Education and Financial Aid, 4. Job Search Tools, and 5. Jobs.

Where can Service members get started?

In three easy steps and less than 30 minutes, Service members can register for their free account and take all three assessments. No middle man is required to issue tokens or activation codes.

  • 1. Visit: www.dantes.kuder.com.
  • 2. Watch the provided tutorials: User Registration, Overview, How to Take the Assessments, and Job Search Tool (optional)
  • 3. Register as a new user.

For more Journey information or training tools, visit the DANTES Counselor Support page at: http://www.dantes.doded.mil/Programs/CounselorSupport.html or contact DANTES Counseling Support at counseling@navy.mil.