Keep hitting during the Winter

Everybody wants to hit the ball farther, so when winter rolls around and everyone actually loses distance, some of us are prone to push the panic button. Several conditions of cold weather have an adverse effect on how far we can whack it. Cooler air is denser, we have to wear more clothing to keep us warm, the ground stays moister restricting roll, and we tend to play less often which results in a decrease in strength, flexibility, and timing. I’m afraid the deck is stacked against us.

We all want to boom our tee shots past our buddies and emulate the shots we see the Pros make on TV. Regretfully, the “need for speed” often times becomes an obsession. After all, if the club is moving faster we will hit it farther, right? Not necessarily so I’m afraid, for if we give up a solid hit in exchange for club head speed, we are losing precious yardage. If you have happened to experience this with your own game during the winter you have found yourself swinging harder and hitting it shorter. It’s frustrating enough to make you set your clubs out at the next yard sale. But before you do that, try accepting the fact that conditions beyond your control are in play and that a square, solid striking of the ball with a well-timed swing is as good as it gets. Resign yourself to the fact that you’re not going to get summertime distance off the tee and play with the intelligence that you’ll need one or two more clubs to hit it the same distance in January that you do in June.

By doing so, you’ll take the pressure off of yourself and maybe even put it on your playing partners. Out drive your opponent with a smooth silky pass and witness the self-destruction as he attempts to retaliate with out of control thrashes. After you win your bet though, share this knowledge with him for we don’t want his clubs at the next yard sale either!