I’m Hungry!

If you’re a parent, you hear that a lot from your children and, perhaps, from your spouse as well. Thankfully, there are several good options for a meal or quick snack here aboard Cherry Point.

Roadhouse - Home of the Single Marine ProgramThe world-famous Roadhouse offers a full menu and bar and doubles as the home of the Single Marine Program. The Pizza Buffet, Taco Tuesday and Tailgate Specials are popular weekly deals that have earned a permanent place on the calendar.

New City Deli, a favorite sandwich shop, has ventured into offering Filipino specials on Fridays. The deli staff expertly crafts your favorite subs, sandwiches and salads and keeps the short line moving quickly. Come in and try one of the best sellers.

Wings, located at Miller’s Landing, offers Casual American Cuisine for lunch Monday thru Friday and a Seasonal dinner menu Thursday and Friday evenings. Full Catering is available with additional mess night and hors d’oeuvres menus.

Fast Food

New City Deli - famous sandwichesYour favorite fast food restaurants are available to include McDonald’s, Subway, and Rice King. The Crow’s Nest in the Naval Health Clinic offers breakfast, lunch, soups, salads, smoothies and more for a quick break all throughout the day. The FRC East snack bars, affectionately named Mayberry Café, Snack-A-Tack and the Lightning Café, are available to anyone who works there and offer breakfast and lunch choices. And finally, Clean Eatz, healthy premade meals, are available at the Troop Store and Devil Dog Gym.

For coffee lovers, the Library Café, located inside the library, serves fresh brewed Starbucks® Coffee along with breakfast pastries and other treats.

Coming soon to the building located across from McDonald’s are Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. The Gas Pumps will remain in service at that location.

Additionally, Food Trucks come on station throughout the week at various locations. These trucks offer a variety of food styles at lunch and more trucks are being added in the upcoming months. Why not try them all?

If you live, work or are visiting the air station for any reason, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to feeding your family. From a quick bite to a full meal, the choices are flavorful and will fit any appetite.