EFMP is available to assist you with your PCS moves

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is available to assist enrolled families with upcoming Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves.   Once Headquarters Marine Corps EFMP alerts us that you have orders, Family Case Workers at your current duty station and the one you’re moving to work together to assist in a smooth transition for your family.  We’ll ask you to complete a Warm Hand Off Transition Checklist which identifies any needs you may have at your new duty station before you arrive there.

Some of the information and assistance we provide as you PCS includes:

  • Information on how to update your TRICARE to a new region
  • Providing you with local and community resource guides
  • Assisting with enrollment in the Respite Care Reimbursement  program if you have an enrolled child with an EFMP Level of Need (LoN) 3 or 4, and adults with a LoN of 4
  • Providing information on electricity waivers if your EFM needs special equipment using electricity
  • Assisting your family with other special needs resources needed during your move as identified by your family

If your family can’t access an EFMP office in person, we’ll provide support through telephone and email communication.  The MCAS Cherry Point EFMP office is located in the Marine and Family Programs Building (232) on the Corner of 4th and E Streets and our phone numbers are 252-466-8002 and 252-466-7533.  Please stop by or call us if you have a family member with a medical, behavioral or educational need and let us assist your family.   We welcome questions and suggestions and hope to hear from you!