Cherry Point Youth Sports Program

A full year of team sports for your children is provided through the Cherry Point Youth Sports Program. Whether it be soccer, basketball, cheer leading, martial arts or just about any other sport you can imagine, its available through the youth sport program. The program has its own Facebook Group for quick answers to your questions and friendly registration reminders.

Two girls playing piggy back at track meet.A primary goal in youth sports is to encourage active participation by all youth in fun and healthy physical activities according to their age, interests and abilities. Organized youth sports instill confidence in young athletes to be part of a team and to make new friends in a safe environment. Sports and life is about achieving one’s personal best. In addition, youth sports develop positive attributes including healthier lifestyles, self-esteem, fair play and good citizenship. There are also plenty of opportunities for parents to volunteer with the program.

There is a powerful, positive connection between the many great qualities of organized youth sports participation, good character development, better health, and academic success.

For more information, visit our Youth Sports page.