Celebrating Healthy Lives

By Brent Baker

Every April we celebrate Alcohol Awareness Month as a way to increase public awareness about alcohol-related issues, reduce stigma surrounding treatment, and encourage local communities to focus on ways to live healthier lives.  Alcohol Awareness Month is a great time to highlight some of the simple efforts we can take to combat alcohol-related problems such as promoting healthy living.

Celebrating Healthy Lives - people jumping off dock into lake

One easy and fun way to prevent these issues is engaging in productive activities that do not promote the misuse of alcohol.  Evidence has shown lower incidents of overall substance misuse for both children and adults that participate in healthy alternative activities.  It simply makes sense that people who have meaningful activity in their lives would have better life outcomes including lower rates of alcohol misuse.

If you are new to this area or have not had time to see what attractions the area offers, the idea of finding these healthy alternatives may seem initially challenging.  To help people explore some of these activities, a link to a local resource and activity guide is included in this article.  The guide is a great place to start for finding local attractions, entertainment, and recreational opportunities both on MCAS Cherry Point and in the surrounding communities.  It contains activities that are appealing for individuals of all ages including families, children, and single service members.

Resource & Activity guide: MCAS Cherry Point & Surrounding Areas

Don’t be afraid to try something new this weekend or check out one of our local attractions!  You might just find something that truly enriches your life.  For additional information on alcohol related resources or healthy alternative activities, contact the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Specialist at (252) 466-8413.