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Recovery is Possible

Recovery is Possible

Each September the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) celebrates National Recovery Month.  This a national campaign aimed at raising awareness and understanding of substance use and mental health disorders. 

Each year in our country, millions of Americans […]

Celebrating Healthy Lives

Celebrating Healthy Lives - people jumping off dock into lake

By Brent Baker

Every April we celebrate Alcohol Awareness Month as a way to increase public awareness about alcohol-related issues, reduce stigma surrounding treatment, and encourage local communities to focus on ways to live healthier lives.  Alcohol Awareness Month is a […]

February is Heart Health Month: Rethinking Current Habits

Healthy Heart

We all agree that the heart is one of the most amazing organs in our body. The amount of blood vessels that connect it to every cell is unbelievable. Our Standard American Diet, however, does not lead us to take […]

The Commander’s Cup

Commanders Cup Trophy

The Commander’s Cup is an annual tradition of friendly competition between units that occurs on American military bases worldwide. Service Members participate in a variety of intramural league sports and golf tournaments throughout the year to earn points for their […]