Where Does My Money Go?

where-does-my-money-go-shoppingAs a Marine or Sailor aboard MCAS Cherry Point, it’s important that you know how your hard earned money is routed after you patronize an MCCS resale or business outlet.

MCCS is a large, diverse organization within the Marine Corps whose sole mission is to enrich the lives of every Marine, Sailor and family member that serves aboard the base. This involves more than 80 comprehensive programs and a large pool of employees constantly striving to improve your quality of life (QOL). Cherry Point MCCS is one of the largest retailers in the tri-county area, and it’s MCCS’s responsibility to make sure the correct amount of funding and manpower is attributed to the right programs in an effective and efficient manner.

Our funds come from two buckets:

  • Appropriated Funds (APF) dollars are those that are actual tax dollars that have been directed by the US Congress to the specific MWR/MCCS level activity.
  • Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) dollars are profits that derived from retail and recreational activities within each base or station level command.

Both are used to support MCCS activities.

And are divided into 3 categories:

Categories A and B activities are funded with varying percentages of both NAF and APF dollars, while Category C activities are funded primarily with NAF dollars.

Category A: Mission Sustaining Activities

These are activities that are considered to be the most essential in meeting the objectives of the Marine Corps. Examples include: physical fitness facilities, libraries, Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) programs, and unit level sports. These programs should be almost entirely APF, since they have virtually no capacity to generate NAF revenues.

Category B: Community Support

These are activities that are closely related, in terms of supporting the military mission, to those in Category A. Examples include: auto hobby shop, youth activities, and outdoor recreation. They receive NAF generated revenues plus APF support.

Category C: Revenue Generating

These are activities that have resale business capability and can generate enough income to cover most, if not all, of their operating expenses. Examples include: exchanges, golf courses, movie theaters, service stations, convenience stores and marinas. These activities operate almost solely on NAF monies.

Certain funds have to be earmarked to re-invest into the capitalization of MCCS facilities (i.e. construction projects, new gas pumps at the convenience store, new books and computers at the library, etc.)

Why Spend Money with MCCS?

Every Marine and Sailor has their own idea of what they’d like to see in their MCCS and it’s much easier to grant those wishes if the necessary funding is available. Without your customer buying power, it becomes a challenge to set aside the necessary monies to build, buy or enhance programs, events or construction projects. For MCCS to be an effective and efficient entity in providing outstanding QOL programs for you and your families, your patronage on a consistent basis is necessary.