Fitness Programs

With all of the fitness fads to sort through, it’s important to have guidance from someone who’s trained to know what’s legit. Our Semper Fit trainers are nationally certified and here show you how to get the most out of your workout. They’ll work with you to create and monitor personalized workout programs that maximize strength, increase aerobic fitness, and optimize body composition.

Semper Fit trainers deliver safe and effective instruction along with the motivation to modifying your lifestyle to reach a higher level of performance.

Personal Training

Includes Physical Fitness Assessment

This includes one month, two times a week with a nationally certified trainer, personalized workout program, nutrition information and physical fitness progress monitoring, this assessment determines Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Aerobic Capacity, Flexibility & Strength.

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (RMR)

The Body Gem is a “State of the Art” system which measures the number of calories your body requires at rest for your current weight and activity level.

Physical Fitness Assessment Only

This determines Body Composition, Weight, Blood Pressure, Aerobic Capacity, Flexibility, and Strength.

Body Composition Testing

Body fat percentage can be calculated in many different ways. Taping and caliper testing are two ways to measure body fat that have a 3-5% error rating. The Bod Pod® is the gold standard in body composition testing. It accurately measures the percentage of body fat, lean body mass and resting metabolic rate which can help you in monitoring the success of your nutrition and fitness program or fine tune your athletic performance.

Active / Reservist / Retiree: FREE (taping and Bod Pod)
All Others: FREE (calipers and taping) / $20.00 Bod Pod
For a Bod Pod appointment, please complete this appointment form.


Workouts are designed based on the five components of physical fitness (muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness) combined with information acquired from your Micro-Fit results.

Personal Training Fees

Group Price
Active Duty FREE
Retired Active Duty $40
Reservists FREE
Family Members of Retired & Active Duty
(This four week program can be used once a year)
DoD Employees & Dependents
(This four week program can be used once a year)
Active Duty, Retired AD and Retired Dependents
Buddy System: Personal Training with a Friend
$25 each
Civilians & Dependents
Buddy System: Personal Training with a Friend
$30 each
Additional Sessions: Civilians and Dependents
(After completion of initial training session)
Additional Sessions: AD and Reservist
(After completion of initial training session)
Fitness Assessment $15
Resting Metabolic Rate Test $10
BodPod Assessment
Free Active Duty, Reservist, Retirees and $20 for all other patrons (DoD, Dependents)

Personal Training Client Packet

Our Trainers

All personnel employed by USMC Semper Fit Branches worldwide must hold a certification granted by a nationally recognized or a headquarters-approved certifying body. Our trainers have a wide variety of experience and the following additional certifications and skills:

Our Trainers’ Combined Credentials

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainers
  • ACE Certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialists
  • ACE Certified Health Coaches
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainers
  • AFAA Prenatal Fitness Certifications
  • B.S. Exercise and Sport Science
  • Cooper Advanced Physical Exercise Specialist
  • FMS, Functional Movement Screening Certifications
  • HITT Trainers (High Intensity Tactical Training)
  • NSCA-TSAC, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Red Cross Certified, First Aid/CPR/AED
  • TRX Level 2 Coaches and Instructors
  • USA Weightlifting Certified Level 1 Sports Performance Coaches