Keep hitting during the Winter

Everybody wants to hit the ball farther, so when winter rolls around and everyone actually loses distance, some of us are prone to push the panic button. Several conditions of cold weather have an adverse effect on how far we can whack it. Cooler air is denser, we have to wear more clothing to keep us warm, the ground stays moister restricting roll, and we tend to play less often which results in a decrease in strength, flexibility, […]

Kuder Journey

DANTES funds the Kuder Journey, which offers tailored career guidance to our military Service members. Effective career exploration and planning starts with finding out what an individual likes to do or interests, what he/she is confident in doing or skills, and what’s important to that individual in the workplace or work values. While the assessments don’t define a person or what their career should be, they’re extremely valuable in helping narrow the search and considering options which may not have […]

EFMP Lending Resources

EFMP Lending Resources

Sensory, tactile and educational resources are available for checkout through the Exceptional Family Member Lending Resources Program. Call our office (466-4867) to checkout materials such as weighted blankets, tactile balls, small sensory items, and educational books and flashcards (just to name a few). Checkout is available during office hours Monday – Friday, 0730 – 1630.

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