About our Library


Ah, the Station Library. I can smell the Starbucks coffee now . . . nothing better than a Mocha Latte on a cool fall afternoon.  If you haven’t been over to the newly renovated Library, you need to go check it out.  We have completely reinvented what most people think a military library normally would be.  We set out with a vision to make our library smell like, taste like and act like the same environment you would find at a Barnes & Noble. Now, it would be cool to have a Barnes & Noble in Havelock, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. So we decided to give our Marines and Families the next best thing. We renovated the inside, put in windows to bring in natural light, gave it a warm inviting décor and plopped down a full blown Starbucks right inside the front door.


The real changes though, are in the daily operations of the library.  We now have a “Virtual Library” with over 215,000 EBooks available for free download to our patrons E-Reader, iPad, smart phone or laptop. There is no longer the need to check out a bag full of books to lug around. If you don’t have an E-Reader, no problem, we have over 150 electronic devices that you can check out with the book you want to read downloaded onto it and you are off. Commandants or SgtMaj of the Marine Corps reading list, no problem, we have all their books preloaded on E-Readers for you check out also.  In addition, our Periodical section has also been upgraded with lots of new magazines available and up to one year of back issues stored right behind the one on the shelf. Oh . . . so you don’t want to sit in the library to read the magazines . . . we have over 100 “FREE” E-magazine subscriptions available for download right to your personal computer or device through Zinio. Sign up and every month when the new Robb Report comes out, it will be available to you on your device. If you are into music, sign up for FreeGal and get three free song downloads a week . . . MP3 songs that are yours to keep and use as you see fit.


If you are taking higher education classes while here at Cherry Point, we have productivity computers for you to use that are loaded with all the latest software programs to make your execution of homework and research easy and enjoyable. Free printing and copying and fax service, are all available to you as well.

If you have children, you have got to check out our new children’s area. We have all the latest children’s books, learning computers set up just for the little folks in their area. While there, check out the events we have scheduled from weekly story time to seasonal events especially for the kids.

We also have all new furniture, which makes it a great place to relax, check your E-mail or Facebook and enjoy some downtime along with that great cup of coffee. For more information just hit the link below or stop by, we would love to see you…

Marine Warrior Library

Mike Largent
CEO, MCCS Cherry Point